How is the magical bond between mom and baby formed?

Wie entsteht die magische Bindung zwischen Mama und Baby?

The love a mother feels for her child is infinite . It is wide and deep. Love is non-binding , it's just there and it's growing every day. This love has no conditions. She guides and teaches us. Every day this love holds a mirror in front of our faces, shows us what we still lack: be it patience, be it understanding or be it the lack of time with our beloved children.

How close this relationship actually is was only discovered by research in the last few decades, because regardless of the DNA, every child always carries a little bit of mum and the mum always has something of her child. This knowledge helps explain why we are so devoted to our offspring and why we love our children no matter what they do. Bonding with your child will change over the years, but their strength will never diminish.

The parent-child relationship is considered the strongest human bond . An invisible emotional bond of energy that nothing and no one can destroy. This bond runs so deep that you will do anything to make your baby happy. Whether stroking, cuddling, kissing or carrying. There's never too much and you can't spoil your baby. On the contrary - your baby is used to closeness and physical contact and feels best in your arms.

"We only carry our children in our arms for a short time, but we carry them in our hearts forever."

The relationship between mother and child is unique. It begins at the moment of conception, materializes at birth, and continues throughout life. While you're pregnant, powerful hormones work to lay the groundwork for your bond with your baby, and the bond grows stronger every week. You are already beginning to develop a close relationship with your unborn child. Hearing the heartbeat on an ultrasound for the first time, feeling the baby's movements for the first time - it's a time of many exciting "blind dates". Did you know that more hormones are at work during and after childbirth than at any other time in your life? The so-called cuddle hormone oxytocin plays a particularly important role here. It causes your baby to build up basic trust in you and you to treat your baby with care.

A secure and stable bond with you gives your baby self-confidence and has a positive effect on the course of childhood. Your baby is then usually more balanced and less complicated in his nature. The affection babies experience now is the basis of how your children will relate later on themselves. With bonding we strengthen our basic trust . That is why closeness and affection should never be missing or even rejected in a good mother-child relationship.

Your little darling feels that he is worth something and feels safe. In this way, your baby's basic trust can grow and your invisible bond can connect you two for a lifetime.

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