Our story
Skincura, this is the family business behind Millis and her story. Skincura was founded by Kristina and Patrick Vock with the idea to protect the delicate skin of the baby's bottom in the best possible way. At the same time, the trusting and loving bond between parents and child should be respected in this regard. With natural active ingredients, a high-quality product was to be created that literally conjures away the sore bottom in the blink of an eye.
This is how the story took its course...
Kristina and Patrick - we are proud parents of our little daughter Mia-Emilia, our sunshine in our lives. Since she is born, she enriches our lives day by day, brings joy into our everyday life and is our first priority. Her well-being, her health and her trust in us and in the world is our greatest concern. Children make the world shine and the glow of their happy eyes make our hearts beat faster.
As new parents, we found out very early on that the delicate skin of a baby's bottom can often be irritated and red. We tested a wide variety of products on the market to quickly heal a sore bottom. In the process, we noticed that many products unfortunately did not have the promised effect. Other products were too aggressive for the sensitive skin of our little ones or very unpleasant to apply. We tested various creams, wound healing ointments, tinctures, and home remedies.
We all know how sensitive baby skin is and how painful such a sore bottom can be for the baby. In such moments, to additionally strain the skin by applying creams, solid ointments or burning tinctures leads especially for the baby to even more pain, fear and a loss of trust in the parents who cause this pain for the moment.
Based on this experience and coupled with the professional background from medicine, chemistry and product development, we have developed Millis. A novelty in this area, which leads to a previously unavailable comfort in handling and impresses with the natural combination of active ingredients for baby skin care.
When we now rewrap Mia-Emilia with a sore bottom and ask her if we should put the "magic cloth" on her again, she literally beams at us. No tears in the little baby eyes, no desperate crying from the helpless sunshine and therefore no bad feeling for us - the parents. Our little magic cloth has fundamentally changed our attitude to diaper rash, we are more relaxed about it and also for our little treasure diapering becomes a good experience.
The origin of Millis name
The name Millis was created from the name of Kristina and Patrick's daughter: Mia-Emilia. At the same time, it is short and easy to remember, has a cute sound and is also easy for children to pronounce. The term "Milli" also stands for "small". A coincidence that nevertheless fits very well with our small, barely noticeable diaper insert.