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Wound protection without tears and without smear fingers

Millis magic wipes are the first nourishing wound protection pads for sore baby bottoms. These are ultra-thin, nourishing diaper pads with Milli's innovative active ingredient capsules. The capsules contain natural aloe vera, almond oil and Q10, which effectively soothe, nourish and protect the irritated baby bottom.

The magic of it? The active ingredient capsules burst gradually over the entire gestation period, providing long-lasting protection and care for the delicate baby skin. Quick and easy to use, Millis is your ideal everyday and on-the-go companion.


Millis are "made in Germany". They are subject to strict quality tests and the ingredients are selected with the utmost dedication and care. Only the best for our children.


Millis diaper rash protection pad is quick and easy to use and therefore also ideal for on the go. Simply place it on the sore bottom and you’re done! Thanks to the innovative active ingredient capsules, the wound protection is particularly long-lasting.


For Millis, we use only natural active ingredients. These include aloe vera, almond oil and Q10, which have proven to be particularly effective in treating and preventing a sore baby bottom.


The skin compatibility was confirmed by dermatest with “very good” and the effectiveness is clinically proven. Millis are compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


The magic cloths are free from all harmful substances, allergens, perfume and zinc and are therefore particularly kind to the skin. There are no restrictions on use.

Millis makes your everyday-life easier

A sore bottom, also called nappy dermatitis, can very well be compared to a domino effect. It usually starts mildly and gradually gets worse. That’s why it’s important to act quickly and correctly. The sooner you start treating the sore bottom and stop the problem in time, the more stress, tears and loss of confidence you will save your baby. Because baby care is so much more than just hygiene. Baby care is about trust and developing an intimate parent-child relationship. That’s where Millis helps you.

Millis magic wipes combine the benefits of wound protection creams, ointments and healing wool in one feather-light wipe. You can use them acutely for sore bottoms, or as a preventative measure for the first redness or skin irritations. The application is very gentle and pleasant for the baby as well as very practical for you. Simply put it on the baby’s bottom during the next nappy change, close the nappy and you’re done! No smearing, creaming or sticking.

Recommended by midwifes and moms
"Millis magic wipes are very practical, especially when you're on the go, and belong in every diaper bag. Because basic equipment always includes wound protection, and Millis magic wipes offer that in a completely uncomplicated way."



"I saw such a great result after the first insert, I thought I was dreaming! With creams it always takes a little time to heal and even then it was never completely gone. but after the 3rd insert there was really nothing at all! Parents out there need to hear about this great product!"

Tuba Kamali


"To help with skin irritations and redness, Millis is just super and especially in the stressful everyday care Millis makes my work immensely easier."

Jennifer Ohlsen


"A sore bottom is a troublesome and unfortunately recurring problem in our home. The diaper insert turns out to be the most uncomplicated and pleasant solution for us to heal the skin in the diaper area again."

Sanaz Kroeger

mom of two

"Especially in infancy, it is important to strengthen the trust between parent and child. With Millis, there are now no more crocodile tears with a sore bottom."

Yvonne Schlebusch

Mother of two

Discover Millis fairytale
Threatened by the flames of a great dragon, the kingdom of Milaras is in danger. The sorceress Millis embarks on an exciting adventure. But will she manage to save the prince and princess from the flames?
From parents for parents

As new parents, Millis founders Kristina and Patrick Vock quickly discovered that a sore bottom is a frequently recurring problem. They tried all wound protection creams, ointments and home remedies - without success. While the tears got worse from diaper change to diaper change, they looked for a new solution. One that was not only practical, but one that both baby and parents would have a good experience with. Without pain and loss of confidence.

With the necessary background knowledge from product development and medical wound healing, Kristina and Patrick Vock created Milli's Magic Wipes. A completely new way of baby care, progressive and contemporary to the needs of concerned parents. From parents for parents.

Quality is close to our heart

Baby care is much more than changing diapers, bathing and creaming. These moments also stand for a close bond, deepest trust and secure care. With a sensitive attention, the baby's body care becomes a moment of intimate bonding.

Because the smallest need our special protection, our products contain only selected high-quality and natural active ingredients that meet the strict guidelines of certified cosmetics.

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As a brand ambassador, you'll help us revolutionize the world of baby care. Together, we'll make treating sore bottoms easier than ever and help parents build a trusting bond with their child - because children are our future.
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A lion deal for Millis
We can hardly believe it and are dancing with joy: we have convinced all the lions with our Millis magic scarves in the start-up show "Die Höhle der Löwen" and have decided on a deal with Nils Glagau! It's a big next step for us, and we are even more excited about being able to use the support and expertise of Nils Glagau for this as well.
Where are Millis magic wipes available?
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Millis are available in all Rossmann, Budni and Müller stores throughout Germany, as well as participating EDEKA stores and pharmacies. From 01.11. also in over 1,700 dm stores throughout Germany.

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