Our promise to you
Quality is our priority from the beginning
Quality is our priority since the very beginning. Millis gets to the most sensitive parts of the little body. That’s why strict control and constant quality checks are extremely important to us. We work with respected partners, such as Hohenstein, Oeko-Tex and dermatest, who continuously test and verify the best quality of Millis. Millis is manufactured and developed with the utmost dedication and precision in Germany. All active ingredients are selected with the utmost care. Since the beginning of our company’s history, we have been committed to taking full responsibility for the little babies’ bottoms and ensuring a trusting and intimate relationship between baby and parents. Our children are our future and our focus, so we develop only the best and highest quality products for them. Throughout the process, we also like to hold up a mirror to ourselves from time to time, reflect on ourselves and optimize where there is potential for improvement.
Our three principles


Quality is our top priority. That's why, in the production of our Millis magic scarves, we attach importance not only to the best material and the highest quality ingredients, but also to regular testing by independent institutes and a production Made in Germany.


We believe in innovation – not only because Millis is an absolute novelty in the field of baby care products, but also because we strive to constantly develop Millis, researching new formulas and active ingredients to strengthen the benefits of the product.


The parent-child relationship is based on one thing above all: trust. Trust of the child towards the parents. We want to enable parents to strengthen this trust through a product that neither harms the little treasure nor makes the treatment of the sore bottom an unpleasant experience.

Developed in cooperation with experts
Production takes place in Germany and is subject to the strictest monitoring criteria. We have included the advice of many experts for the development of Millis and have left nothing to chance. For this reason, we have dermatologically tested the product and even conducted clinical testing. The result confirms our experience with a rating of "very good". Likewise, it meets the criteria of the European Cosmetic Regulation and promises a special skin compatibility, here too we have relied on renowned laboratories such as Hohenstein and Fresenius. Our skin is one of the most versatile organs of our entire body. It forms the outer layer and protects us from external influences. Therefore, the care of this protective layer is of particular importance. What is already essential for an adult is of course even more important for the youngest.
Babycare means trust
Trusting, loving closeness. From the very first moment, it is the most important thing for you and your baby and the basis for an intensive bond. Trust plays an important role here. It helps your baby to rely on you and feel your care. So the requirements for the right care for your baby are special: It must gently cleanse and care for sensitive skin without compromising your baby's trust in you.

Baby care is much more than changing diapers, bathing and applying lotion. These moments equally represent a close bond, deepest trust and secure care. With sensitive attention, the baby's body care becomes a moment of intimate bonding. In this way, parents convey to their child that they respect it, perceive its body with its limits and respect it. Our children are our most important asset and all parents want the best for their babies. That is why we only use products that we trust and that do not harm our children. Millis was born from this thought.

With Millis, we have developed a unique baby care that makes treating sore bottoms easier than ever before. Because the little ones need our special protection, our products contain only selected high-quality and natural active ingredients that meet the strict guidelines of certified cosmetics.