Millis fairytale
The princess, the prince and the magic wipe
Once upon a time, long ago, there was a princess named Mia and a prince named Mika living in the kingdom of Milaras.

They lived happily with their parents, the king and queen of Milaras, in a big castle in the middle of the kingdom. The people loved the royal family and adored the little princess and prince.
But at the edge of the kingdom, an old dragon named Wudernop lived in his cave. "When there were no humans, this was all mine," the dragon sighed. Back then, thousands of years ago, Wudernop still ruled over what is now Milaras, until a few wanderers settled on the land and forced the dragon and his family to retreat to the caves in the mountains. Since then, Wudernop has hardly seen his family. Every day he thought about how he could recapture his former kingdom and drive the people out of the land.
So the dragon made a plan. "I will simply scare the inhabitants with my dragon fire so much that they would then already not want to live here by themselves," he thought to himself and made the decision to put his plan into action on the next full moon night.

As soon as the next full moon dawned, Wudernop set off for the castle. "Best I start in the castle, so that the people can still escape," he said to himself as he flew through the air. Because actually the dragon didn't want to harm anyone, he just wanted to get back what belonged to him and retire there.
Arriving at the castle, the dragon looked around. He entered the sleeping chamber of the princess and the prince and took a deep breath to spit his fire.
Then the king and queen came into the room and at the last moment tried to save Mia and Mika from the flames of the fire-breathing dragon. They grabbed the children and ran out of the room, but they didn't make it in time, because the flames of the dragon reached the prince and princess at the last moment, of all places, on their bottoms.

"Oh no!" exclaimed the queen. Mia and Mika started to cry.
The king and queen ran out of the castle to get themselves and their children to safety. As soon as they left the castle, the dragon flew after them.
But suddenly a bright light figure appeared and stood between the dragon and the royal couple. It was the sorceress Millis! "Stop, dragon! Why do you bring destruction upon our land? Go back to where you came from!" the sorceress shouted to Wudernop. "No, this is my kingdom, I am only taking back what is mine. Let the humans get out of here!" the dragon spoke and emitted another flame towards the starry sky.
Millis then raised her wand and cast a spell on the dragon. "Now you can't breathe fire or do any harm," she said, "but surely we can find a peaceful solution for this kingdom that will also suit you, Dragon, can't we, King and Queen?"
"Yes Wudernop, you are welcome to live here with us, but please don't drive us and our people out of this land, we like living here and sharing it with you," the queen said to the dragon. Wudernop lowered his head. "I didn't want to hurt anyone, I just wanted to return to my homeland. If you take me in here, I will gladly stay and also promise not to harm anyone," he spoke.
"Well, then we have an agreement," said the queen, "but what about our prince and princess? Their bottoms are now sore from your flames and we don't know what to do about it. "Don't worry," said Millis, "I know what to do about it. Here, take my Millis magic cloth and put it on the sore spot." She conjured up two delicate cloths that looked like white, shining drops and floated them onto the bottoms of the two children.
Immediately Mia and Mika stopped crying. The magic cloth helped and relieved their pain immediately. The children beamed with joy, rushed towards the sorceress and hugged her long and tight. "Thank you, thank you, thank you Millis, you are our savior!" they cheered. "Thank you, dear Millis!" the royal couple also thanked her, "If you want, move into our castle with us, so you can always conjure up a magic cloth for our prince and princess when they need it," they asked Millis. "Oh yes!" the children shouted in unison. The enchantress was delighted. "With pleasure!" she spoke, "I like to be where I am needed most."
Together with Millis and Wudernop, the royal family went back to the castle.

And so Mia, Mika, the queen and the king lived with the sorceress Millis and the dragon Wudernop in their common kingdom.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Illustrations by Anna Lukossek, text by Marie Hennschen