What others say about Millis
Your feedback on Millis magic wipes is especially important to us! This is the only way to create a product that meets your ideas and needs. Here you can find some references of our previous customers. Feel free to give us your feedback!

Josefine Farin


"With sore bottoms, it's important to start treatment early. For this, Millis magic wipes are just great, because they are easy to use, quickly soothe the skin irritation and prevent further. I can only recommend keeping a pack of Millis in stock at home and also using them preventively when you discover the first little signs of a sore bottom."

Jennifer Ohlsen


"To help with skin irritations and redness, Millis is just super and especially in the stressful daily care routine, Millis makes my work immensely easier."

Yvonne Schlebusch

Mom of two

“Especially in infancy, it is important to strengthen the trust between parent and child. Thanks to Millis there is no more diaper rash and no more crocodile tears now.”

Sanaz Kröger

Mom of two

"A sore bottom is a troublesome and unfortunately recurring problem in our home. The diaper insert turns out to be the most uncomplicated and pleasant solution for us to heal the skin in the diaper area again."

Rolf Möller


"I love taking care of my grandchild and spending time with her. Of course, I also have to change her diapers. That's much more relaxed now thanks to Millis."

Jenny Ducuara Linares

Au pair and nurse

"I love Millis, it makes babysitting so much easier for me. Just put it on her bottom, close the diaper and you're done. And the little one doesn't even notice."

Tuba Kamali


"I saw such a great result after the first insert, I thought I was dreaming! With creams it always takes a little time to heal and even then it was never completely gone. but after the 3rd insert there was really nothing at all! Parents out there need to hear about this great product!"

Vivien Wechter

Mom of two

"Millis magic wipes immediately relieved the red butt, which is really very positive. I highly recommend it!"

Natalie Glinz


"Millis has worked very well for us. The redness on the buttocks went down after just a few inserts."

Silvana Zimmer


"My child tends to get a red bottom all the time, so I was very happy to try Millis magic wipes. Our expectations of the product were fully met. The symptoms went away quickly and we also found the application very pleasant."

Alisa Braun

Mother of two

"I really recommend Millis, not only because they work quickly, but also because they're super convenient in everyday mommy life."

Lucia Peter


"Millis magic wipes are a great alternative to conventional products, as the handling is child's play and pleasant - both for me as a mom and for my baby."

Alisa Krohmer​


"Our son has fortunately very rarely to do with sore bottom, but when it was so far we have tested the Millis and were surprised how quickly the small inconspicuous diaper pads have helped. They are very thin and odorless. Fit in any pocket and can then be used quickly in any diapering situation. No more powdering or smearing. A great product that we definitely recommend to other parents."