Become a brand ambassador for Millis magic wipes
Let's enchant worlds together!
We love what we do and want to tell more people about it! That's why we're looking for passionate brand ambassadors who want to share the magic of Millis with others. If this sounds like you and you want to be part of our magical family, please contact us!
Why we care...
We have experienced first hand how stressful it can be on the parent-child relationship when your darling sweetheart suffers from a sore bottom.

That's why we care deeply about relieving affected children of their suffering and helping parents foster a trusting and loving bond with their child.

Children are our future, so they deserve only the best in care and nurturing.
Our wishes for you:
  • You are a midwife, pediatric nurse or similar and want to become our face, or
  • .
  • You are an Influencer* with at least 1000 followers on your channel or run a topic-related blog with many readers
  • .
  • Your child or children you care for are of diaper wearing age
  • .
  • You enjoy filming and/or photography
  • .
  • You are willing to regularly promote Millis in various content formats
  • .
  • You are interested in a longer-term collaboration
Your magical advantage
At regular intervals, you will receive extensive product samples for testing as well as small surprises for young and old. Benefit from the exclusive opportunity to test Millis and contribute to the optimization of the product with your feedback.
This is how you can contribute

Draw attention to Millis in your environment and enchant worlds in a whole new way.

Tell us about your experience with the magic magic cloths and help us to improve Millis.

Let’s educate (expectant) parents and support them with valuable content along the way.