Millis is the latest innovation against sore bottoms and diaper rash. But we understand if you're still skeptical - after all, you don't even know us yet. That's why we offer you a free product test. Test Millis without obligation and convince yourself of the magical magic towels. We can promise you one thing: your baby will love the wafer-thin diaper liners. Finally no more pain when changing diapers!
How it works:


The first step is to register as a tester using the contact form below. As soon as you have sent your request, we will check your registration and get back to you as soon as possible as to whether we will accept you in the test program.*


If you're accepted, we'll send a trial pack to your home. There you can test it in peace. The pad should only be used for skin irritations, please also make sure that Millis is not treating any open wounds and that a doctor must be consulted in this case.


One month after receiving the products, we will send you a link to the feedback form, which we ask you to answer. If Millis has not been used during this period, please contact us and you can then fill out the questionnaire at a later date.

*Teilnahme nur für die DACH-Regionen: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz.

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