The magic of baby massages and why you should use them

Die Magie der Babymassagen und warum du sie nutzen solltest

Who doesn't like a massage? But there is so much more magic behind it than you might think. Baby massages have a positive effect on several levels . In this article you will learn how to use this magic.

Studies confirm: If babies are touched and stroked a lot in the first months of life, they cry less. You sleep better, are alert, curious and happier. Through the regular massage, your baby experiences a lot of security and safety and can relax well. Baby massage has been an integral part of different cultures for centuries.

The baby experiences itself and its world through touch, because touch is our first language .

Most babies love to be touched, carried and rocked. This is similar to the conditions unborn babies experience while still in the womb. Warmth, touch and security are important aspects of the parent-child relationship after birth. The baby massage offers you as parents the opportunity to consciously take time for your baby and to increase body awareness. Love, security, relaxation - we convey all of this to our baby.

Used regularly, baby massage is a wonderful way to nourish your baby with love and optimally promote its development . In an atmosphere that is characterized by love, tenderness and a lot of security, the small, delicate being opens up to the outside world, which is indispensable for its physical and psychological development.

When is the perfect time for a baby massage?

Babies love rituals and fixed habits, which is why the massage can also become a ritual that always takes place at the same time of the day. Of course, you don't have to massage your baby every day. The evening is a good time for a relaxing massage. This makes it easy for your baby to wind down and process the events of the day before bedtime. 10 to 15 minutes for a loving massage are perfectly sufficient.

There are many baby massage guides out there. Most concern, for example, the abdominal massage in case of constipation , or the foot massage for the first successes when kicking . However, if you want to massage your baby purely for relaxation , you can act freely and gently bring your baby some rest. It is important that the room in which the massage takes place is warm enough. You too should be relaxed to avoid restlessness. Gentle stroking on the stomach, back, feet and head calms your baby. You should never massage with pressure as this can be slightly painful. Every baby is different, which is why you can use the first massages to find out your baby's needs .

What effect does the massage have on my baby?

Abdominal massage relieves gas and colic, while reflexology stimulates your baby's metabolism and digestion. A baby massage not only gives your baby peace and serenity, but can also have wonderful side effects. In addition, every round of massage strengthens the bond between you and your loved one. Incidentally, the body awareness of the little ones is also trained during this beautiful ritual.

PS: Baby massages are also very popular with dads. Some dads may fall short in the daily care of the baby in the first few months, especially when they are at work during the day and the baby is breastfed by mom. A regular massage can become a ritual and foster a close bond between dad and baby.

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