Bonding – How to form a powerful parent-child bond

Bonding – So bildest du eine kraftvolle Eltern-Kind-Bindung

When a baby is born and the eyes of baby and mum or dad meet for the first time, a magic ensues that even touches outside observers and captivates them. Much of what was previously important and urgent for parents suddenly fades into the background after the birth of the baby. Mom and Dad are emotionally "infected" by their baby and it's love at first sight.

It is certainly by far the most beautiful feeling in the world: the love you, as parents, have for your baby.

Holding your child in your arms for the first time - a special moment for parents and the beginning of a very special relationship. Because there is hardly a bond as close as that to a newborn. It is usually best for mum and baby when the little one is placed on mum's bare torso immediately after birth and the getting-to-know phase can begin immediately. There they recognize the familiar heartbeat and memorize the smell of mum. Because skin contact, cuddling or the first feeding are important actions to build up the emotional bond and the basic trust of your baby. Psychologists believe that this basic trust is the cornerstone of self-esteem . If the first contact with the mother is not possible, for example because of a caesarean section, the father can take over the bonding.

When your baby has the first feeling in this world that it is safe and in good hands, a deep basic trust develops. The first important caregivers are like a safe haven where the child is protected, loved and at home.

From Virginia Satir , a well-known family therapist, comes the quote:

"We need four hugs a day to survive, eight hugs a day
Day to live and 12 hugs a day to grow inside.”

Just give it a try. Snuggle with your baby for a few minutes in the morning and before bedtime at night. Hug your baby anytime you feel the need or feel like your baby wants physical contact. Stroking the head, gently massaging the back are all kinds of loving gestures. A loving smile also warms your baby's heart.

It doesn't matter whether it's a baby or an adult: loving touch triggers feelings of happiness in each of us. Touch can calm, relax, and comfort your baby. Cuddling has even more effect on babies, however, because initially they discover the world primarily through their skin - it gives security, creates long-term trust and lays the foundation for further development. In adulthood, this is reflected in greater self-confidence and less fear of new things.

Carrying your newborn baby directly on your body for many hours a day helps to promote bonding. Eye and close body contact, caressing, snuggling, cuddling, touching: all of this creates bonding, as this important parent-child relationship is called.

"There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings."

As old as this statement by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is, it is still incredibly important today! The basis of a good parent-child bond are the deep and strong roots that we should give our children from the beginning so that when they are "securely attached" they spread their wings and take on the world on their own Faust can discover.

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