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Developed with love by parents for parents. Make your everyday life easier with Millis!

Millis magic wipes help to quickly and gently soothe and protect baby's delicate skin in the diaper area. Thanks to its easy use, Millis is not only ideal for everyday use, but also very practical for on the go, and the sealable pack fits in any diaper bag.

The wafer-thin diaper liners have a teardrop-like shape, which is ideal for the baby's diaper area adapts and fits the baby's skin barely noticeably. Milli's innovative active ingredient capsules are contained on the magic towel. They release their natural active ingredients during the entire wearing period and envelop and care for the baby's skin like a gentle protective shield - without overstraining it.

This is how the Millis magic works
Innovative active ingredient capsules with aloe vera, almond oil and Q10 are incorporated into the cloth. While wearing, the capsules gradually burst open and can thus gently relieve skin irritation on the buttocks. The effect lasts for several hours and is therefore particularly effective and practical in everyday life. No additional wound protection creams, ointments or healing wool are necessary
Clinically and dermatologically tested
Certified, tested and constantly checked - our Millis reaches the most sensitive parts of the little body. Therefore, strict control and constant quality testing is extremely important to us. Manufactured and developed with the utmost dedication in Germany. All active ingredients are selected with great care.

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